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Y1 - 279 Red and Blue I-Web 11.75"

Y1 - 279 Red and Blue I-Web 11.75"

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Throwing Hand

The Y1 is a pro-style glove crafted with Pro Grade Maruhashi Kip Leather for superior performance. Designed for structured, durable, and lightweight functionality, this glove enhances hand quickness on the field. Its smooth top finish adds strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for players seeking high-quality equipment for peak performance.

The 279 Pattern features a deep pocket and a wide playing surface. The back of the fingers has a moderately rounded feel. The glove has a natural thumb-to-ring-finger close. It can be worn comfortably shifted or in the standard position. It is our fastest break-in pro model glove with single welts on each finger.

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