Frequently Asked Questions

Are there returns on glove orders?

There are no returns accepted for custom gloves or guards. Verify correct throwing and batting hands, spelling, and sizes. There are returns allowed for unused stock gloves and products.

Do you relace gloves?

Yes, we provide glove relacing services. If you have a Yardley Sports glove that needs relacing, you can mail it in to us. For all other brands, we offer relacing services at tournaments and can accommodate glove drop-offs at our St. George, Utah location.

What is the difference between a Y1, Y2, and Y3?

The primary differences lie in the types and grades of leather used. The Y1 is crafted from calf or kip leather, known for its lightweight properties. Kip Leather is more expensive due to the scarcity of calf hide. On the other hand, the Y2 features steerhide leather, sourced from full-grown cows, offering durability comparable to Kip. Lastly, the Y3 utilizes tumbled steerhide leather, a B grade leather processed in giant tumbler machines to achieve a pebble-grained pattern, softening the leather and making it easier to break-in.

Do you accept team orders?

Yes, if you're interested in team prices and customizing gloves with your team colors and logo, please contact us.

How long does it take to get a custom glove?

Custom gloves typically require 30-45 days to complete, with an additional 3-5 days for shipping and handling. During peak periods of demand, completion times may extend by up to 10 days.

Do you sponsor athletes or do NIL deals?

We don't engage in amateur or other NIL deals, but we're open to collaborating with professional athletes. If you're an agent interested in discussing options for professional players, please reach out to us.

Is there a warranty on Yardley Sports gloves?

Yes, we offer lace repair within 1 year of purchase for any broken lace. Additionally, if the glove has manufacturer defects such as a tear in the leather, you can send us a photo of the glove, and we will work to replace or repair it.

Can I put a custom logo on a glove?

Yes, if you're interested in a custom logo, please reach out to us. However, we will not apply any trademarked logos to any glove without written permission from the owner.

Do you make custom softball gloves?

We have a variety of stock softball gloves available for purchase, but we do not currently offer custom softball gloves.

Do you break in gloves?

Yes, we offer glove break-in services. If you'd like your glove broken in, you can add this option on the glove care page.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.