KJ6 Initiative

The Perfect Game

The KJ6 Initiative is a community-driven effort to provide ball gloves to others while honoring the memory of KJ Harrison. KJ, a promising young ballplayer, was part of the Snow Canyon High School 3A Utah State Championship baseball team in 2012. Tragically, he passed away in an accident just weeks after the championship, leaving a void felt deeply by those who knew him.

In November 2014, I met with KJ's father, Kreg Harrison, who shared his son's passion for glove repair. He gave me a box of gloves KJ had been working on. Inspired by this experience, I wrote KJ6 on the gloves and began giving them away, marking the start of the KJ6 Initiative. Our mission is to provide gloves while honoring KJ's legacy. To date, we've distributed nearly 500 gloves worldwide.

The KJ6 Initiative provides baseball equipment to others to build confidence, friendship, and life skills through sports. It's about more than just the game—it's about enjoying life and making a positive impact. This is "The Perfect Game."