Build Your Own Custom Glove

Step onto the field with confidence in a glove customized to match your style. Build your own custom glove with options for size, web, lace color, thread, and other personalized features.

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Shop Our Selection of Y1, Y2, and Y3 Gloves

We offer a range of fielders gloves, first base mitts, and catchers mitts.

  • Y1 - Kip Leather

    Crafted from premium USA Calf Skin and expertly tanned at Japan's Maruashi Leather Tannery. The Y1 is a professional-grade glove, offering a lightweight and durable build to enhance hand speed on the field.

  • Y2 - Steerhide

    Crafted from premium USA Steerhide and tanned at Japan's Maruashi Leather Tannery, the Y2 features a smooth top finish for enhanced strength and durability, delivering superior performance on the field.

  • Y3 - Tumbled Steerhide

    The Y3 is crafted from tumbled steerhide, providing quicker break-in time and increased flexibility for optimal performance.

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