Youth Player Glove Selection

Youth Player Glove Selection

Many youth players find themselves switching between various positions during a game. One inning, you might be in the infield or pitching, and the next, you're in the outfield. While most high school, collegiate, and professional players who play multiple positions invest in multiple gloves, it can be costly and challenging for youth players to do the same.

The most crucial aspect for a youth baseball player is to have a glove that feels comfortable and inspires confidence in catching the ball. At the amateur or youth levels, it doesn't have to be position-specific; it simply needs to be a glove that you feel comfortable using.

When choosing an all-around glove for youth players, it's essential to prioritize fit on the hand. Opt for a glove that fits well and can easily break in with smaller hands that have less strength. A common size recommendation is an 11.50" glove, with the I-web being a popular choice due to its flexible web design.

For players who primarily play outfield or pitch, excellent options include gloves with an H-web or mod-trap web in the 12.00" size. Left-handed players would also benefit from this selection since they typically play outfield, first base, or pitch.

We've designed gloves with smaller and narrower hand openings for younger players, as well as using Y3 tumbled leather that allows for quicker break-in. This is a great option for kids aged 9 and up, some 8-year-olds or smaller 9 and up players may find it a bit large. We recommend trying this glove on before purchasing. Ultimately, the most important thing is to find a comfortably fitting glove that boosts confidence in playing the game. Playing catch is fundamental to baseball, and we hope you find the right glove to start the game off on the right foot.

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