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We are excited to offer several partnership opportunities for youth, high school, collegiate, and professional ball players to join us in a shared mission to promote our company values through our Yard Crew program. As a Yard Crew member, you commit to supporting the growth of the Yardley brand. Your dedication involves actively seeking opportunities to share our brand and enhance your personal development by exemplifying kindness, leadership, and being a good friend. This commitment extends to your roles as a student, friend, teammate, and family member. We want you to be your best self and align with a company that honors these important values.

Yard Crew Roles:

We offer various roles each year, with exclusive perks for Yard Crew members. We have our top and associate representatives. Our top members receive a complimentary glove and a player packet containing a t-shirt and hat. They also enjoy a 30% discount on all website purchases and receive a personalized discount code to share, earning kickbacks on every purchase made using that code. Associate members receive a t-shirt, a 15% discount on all website purchases, and a personalized discount code for earning kickbacks. To qualify for and maintain this membership, we request your commitment to promoting the Yardley brand. This involves sharing on your social media, promoting during practices, camps, or other athletic activities, and demonstrating how you embody our shared values.

To apply to become part of the Yard Crew please fill out the following questions and email them to



Phone Number:


Current School/Team:

Social Media Username:

Personal Reference (Name and email):

1. Share a specific instance where you demonstrated strong teamwork and leadership skills?

2. Describe community service or volunteer work you are engaged in. How did this experience impact you, and how do you believe it reflects your commitment to being a positive community member?

3. How do you prioritize and manage your academic responsibilities while actively participating in sports? If you are not a student-athlete, how has academics helped you in your current role as an athlete?

4. In what ways do you incorporate values like kindness, leadership, hardwork, and friendship into your daily life, both on and off the field? How would you encourage others to embrace these values?

5. If given the opportunity to represent Yardley Sports, how do you envision promoting the company's values?

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