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Thank you for visiting Yardley Sports! We're a glove company from Utah. 


I've always loved playing and watching baseball. I still play catch whenever I get the chance. In 2009, my gamer glove broke while playing at Southern Utah University. This led to my passion for glove repair and eventually starting my first company, Reglove Baseball, in 2013. Since that time, I've worked on thousands of gloves. Drawing from that experience, I decided to put my industry knowledge to the test and established Yardley Sports in December 2020. The company is built on developing personal relationships with ballplayers, coaches, and parents through our many onsite events and customer service. I'm here to help you choose the right glove for your style of play, from the youth leagues to the professional ranks. You'll find the word "Enjoy!" and the phrase "Go Yard!" on many of our products. The game is meant to be enjoyed, and there's nothing like "Going Yard!"


Braden Yardley

Owner and Founder

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