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The Y3 CM23 Field Ready 32.00" catchers mitt features Tumbled Maruhashi Leather with a  pebble grain pattern for quicker break ins. The Y3 Series is a preferred option for those seeking a Field Ready glove. A “Field Ready” glove in our Y3 Series is ready for immediate use on the field, allowing you to start practicing right away. Although not game-ready, the Y3 breaks in faster while maintaining durability for everyday play. The interior components give the glove great structure to help this trainer maintain its shape overtime. The gloves arrive 80% broken in, but additional break-in and glove conditioning can be purchased to bring the glove closer to a 95% break-in.


The CM23 Pattern features a rigid thumb with dual-layer construction for increased durability. The mitt also has a finger pad for increased pointer finger protection. The glove has vents in the fingers to enhance breathability. The interior felt is tightly wound and high density, increasing the lifespan and shape of the mitt.


You can add a personalized name engraving to the glove along with our signature glove break-in service. These additonal options can be purchased on the Gloves Page. The engraving comes in a standard dark color on either the thumb or pinky. It looks better on light-colored letters and presents a dark-on-dark tone with darker leathers. 


The mitt is a BLEM due to cosmetic issues. The patch on the hand doesn't match our classic logo package and the thumb and pinky loop are different colors. There is nothing wrong functionally with the mitt.

Y3 CM23 Model Bone and Black Catchers Mitt 32.00" (BLEM)

    • 33.00 inches
    • Y2 Black and Gray Steerhide Leather
    • Breathable moisture wicking wrist liner
    • Pro Style
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