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The Y2 is a pro-style glove crafted with Pro Grade Maruhashi Steerhide Leather for superior performance. This series has a smooth top finish adding strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for players seeking high-quality equipment for peak performance.


The 279 Pattern features a deep pocket and a wide playing surface. The back of the fingers has a moderately rounded feel. The glove has a natural thumb-to-ring-finger close. It can be worn comfortably shifted or in the standard position. It is our fastest break-in pro model glove with single welts on each finger.


You can add a personalized name engraving to the glove along with our signature glove break-in service. These additonal options can be purchased on the Gloves Page. The engraving comes in a standard dark color on either the thumb or pinky. It looks better on light-colored letters and presents a dark-on-dark tone with darker leathers. Our glove break-in service ensures that the glove is field-ready at 85% broken-in for our pro-style gloves, making it practice-ready so you can use it on the field right away. It also comes with a complimentary tin of our Yardley Glove Conditioner.

2024 - Y2 279 Model Black and Gray I-Web 11.50"

    • 11.50 inches
    • I-web
    • Y2 Black and Gray Steerhide Leather
    • Breathable moisture wicking wrist liner
    • Pro Style
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